Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.

Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.

Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.

Mosteiro da Batalha

The Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória (better known as the Batalha Monastery) is located in Batalha and was ordered to be constructed in 1386 by King John I of Portugal in gratitude to the Virgin Mary for the victory in the Battle of Aljubarrota. This Dominican monastery was built over two centuries until about 1517, during the reign of seven kings of Portugal, although since 1388 there have lived the first Dominicans. Is an example of Manueline style and it's classified as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

It's known that the initial project corresponded to a church, a cloister and the monastic dependencies inherent, as the Hall of the Chapter, the Sacristy, The Refectory and the Attachments. It's a model that resembles to the adopted, in terms of internal organization, the great Monastery of Alcobaça.

The Chapel of the Founder or the Funeral Chapel, was added to this initial project like, as well, The funeral roundabout known for it's unfinished Chapels, by King Duarte iniciative.

The lower cloister and its adjacent premises, would be due to the initiative of King Afonso V, noticing the disinterest of King John II on the building. He received again the royal favor from D.Manuel, but only until 1516-1517, when he decided to favor the factory of the Jeronimos Monastery.

The monastery was restored in the nineteenth century, under the direction of Louis Mouzinho de Albuquerque, according to the traces of Thomas Pitt, the English traveler who had been in Portugal in the late eighteenth century, had expressed throughout Europe the monastery through his prints.

In this restoration, the Monastery suffered profound changes, trying to make the Monastery a glorious symbol of Avis Dynasty and especially from its first generation (said the illustrious Camões Generation). The current Founder Chapel configuration and the popularization of the term Monastery of Batalha over Santa Maria da Vitória, in an attempt to definitively eradicate the names that remind the religious background of the building.

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We will visit the Monastery of Batalha. Come with us to visit this magnificent monument 50 minutes away of Coimbra. Exclusive transport and private guide in english, portuguese and spanish.

(Duration: Approximately 3 hours)

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