Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.

Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.

Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.


At the place where is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies, the hill of St. Stephen, there was once a chapel in honor of this saint, built in 1361. It was a small and modest church, ordered the construction by the bishop of the diocese, D . Durão.

In 1551, he was appointed bishop of Lamego Manuel de Noronha that, in addition to many existing works in the city of Lamego, erected in the year 1568, the first chapel in honor of Our Lady of Remedies, exactly on the hill of St. Stephen, and what is now called the Court of the Kings.

Later, in 1750, the Brotherhood of "Nossa Senhora dos Remédios", at the time led by Canon José Pinto Teixeira, due to the degradation of seventeenth-century chapel, ordered to demolish and build a magnificent Sanctuary with a broad and harmonious space to attract more pilgrims and able to accommodate more believers connecting it to the city. This work was completed in 1761. In the same year, started in the new space, religious services, but only in 1778 is that this shrine was opened.


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We will visit the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and the Sé of Lamego.

In a exclusive transport with private guide in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

(Estimated Tour Duration: 6 hours)

Festivities of "Nossa Senhora dos Remédios"

At the time, the great day, dedicated to the patron saint Our Lady of Remedies, was marked on 5 September.

The parties have been growing over the years to become one of the greatest of the country, where religious rituals and profane blend in perfect harmony. A diverse program is offered encompassing exhibitions, concerts, parades, processions, fairs, cultural and sporting events to attract many vacationers and partygoers. Thus, during these days of fun you can admire the Bright March, on September 6 at night, and the Battle of the Flowers, the next day afternoon, going through the main city streets bedecked with joy and color.

The Pilgrimage of Lamego, dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies, is one of the largest in Portugal, being the highest point of this celebration the great triumph of the procession, held on 8 September in which the litters bearing sacred images drawn by oxen , as tradition dictates. At this time, the streets are richly decorated, gains momentum, where religious component acquires all its fullness.

The festivities culminate with a phenomenal fire session the four corners of the city.

The Sé of Lamego

It was founded in 1129. It is a Gothic cathedral, keeps the original square tower, but the rest of the architecture reflects the changes made in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, including a Renaissance cloister with a dozen well-proportioned arches.

The Cathedral opens onto a large paved forecourt, eighteenth century work, with the facade marked by robust tower remodeled in the eighteenth century.

The main facade of the temple was rebuilt in the reign of King Manuel I, combining the flamboyant Gothic forms and the shy outbreak of some of the Renaissance forms. Indeed, this renewal of the Episcopal Cathedral begins in the fifteenth century and extends the following. The campaign Facade works took place between 1508 and 1515, according to John Lopes architect's plans.

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