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Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.

Venha conhecer. Consulte as condições através dos nossos contatos.

Ruínas Romanas de Conímbriga

Conímbriga is one of the largest Roman settlements in Portugal. Is Classified as a National Monument, is the best studied Roman archaeological site in the country. Conímbriga was at the time of the Roman invasion, the Iberian Peninsula's main town, Conventus Scallabitanus, the Roman province of Lusitania. It’s located about 16 km from Coimbra. The station includes the Conimbriga museum, which are exposed many of the artefacts found in archaeological excavations, including coins and surgical tools.

Conímbriga is one of the rare cities that preserves the Roman outer wall.

In several works at the South wall was discovered a large public baths building, where we can see their characteristic divisions. It was occupied by the Romans during the campaigns of Decimus Junius Brutus in 139 BC.

During the reign of Emperor Caesar Augustus (first century), the town suffered major upgrading works by building the public baths and the Forum.


In the late fourth century, with the decline of the Roman Empire, was built a huge defense wall, with about five thousand meters in extension, possibly to replace and strengthen the ancient wall of Augustus time.


This wall was built in a climate of tension with a certain urgency to impending attacks.



Reconstitution I

Reconstitution II

The first systematic archaeological excavations began in 1899, with a donation of Queen D. Amélia. Between 1930 and 1944 the entire area were contiguous systematically excavated to the eastern wall, putting at the surface, an extramural, public baths and three villas.



We will see the Casa dos Repuxos, a building with an area of 569 m², paved with mosaics and a central garden, where they have a whole plumbing system with more than 500 fountains. In the inner zone of the wall many excavations revealed an Early Christian basilica and a luxurious villa with a private spa and also an Augustan forum, demolished in the Flavian era, when the city received a municipal statute, to make way for a new larger forum.



Among these monumental sectors was excavated one residential area, the Claudian era, which were insulas that would be occupied by the middle class of the population connected to the handicraft..



From a foutain located in Alcabideque, the water was transported to Conímbriga by an aqueduct.

In 1955, the pace of investigations was intensified.



The abundant archaeological diferent kinds of materials, which were not possible to keep on site are in the Museu de Conimbriga.

Conímbriga was located on the road that goes from Olisipo (Lisbon) to Bracara Augusta (Braga).




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We will visit the ruins of the Roman city of Conimbriga, and the Monographic Museum of Conimbriga. Exclusive transport and private guide in english, portuguese and spanish.

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